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Thursday, 9 February 2012

Youth Problem: How to select college after school education?

Youth Career Management (YCM) reports that: After completing school other big step for a student is the selection of good college. Students face big problem in this regard. Selection of a good college is one of the most important steps for getting quality education in their selected field of study as well as good character building. In college selection the most important factor is its reputation, students graduated from well reputed college, universities can get jobs easily. In most of the developing countries, students does not have good knowledge about the colleges. They only knew about those which are nearby their residence or are famous in their family. Normally, parents want their children to get admission in one of the best college/ universities. To do so first and foremost they need to score good in their secondary school examination. Those who do so can get easily get admission in best college/ universities others who left behind face more difficulty in college/ university selection.
Selection of good college needs careful market analysis and following factors should be taken into account: (1)Reputation and history of college (2)Academic Programs offered (3)Faculty Members (4)Careers in job market (5)Fee structure and quality of education (6)Co-curricular activities (7)Reputation in foreign market(8)Other facilities i.e. transportation etc. While selecting a college/ university for education most important is its market reputation. A well reputed institute ensures good job for the candidate, by ensuring well professional development according to the current market requirements. Along with these factors other facilities should also be notice while selecting a college/ university for admission. One of the most important factors is college/university transportation. Transportation is one of the major issues in countries. Mostly college/ universities are located far from residential areas, after getting admission the major problem is of transportation. Meanwhile it doesn’t mean to go for the nearby not so well reputed institute.  Currently, majority institutes have realized this problem and are providing transportation facility almost all areas of city.
 Thus, in order to make sure the selection of good college/ university try to get expert help, after all it’s the matter of your whole life.


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