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Sunday, 12 February 2012

What do we know of youth crime?

Youth Career Management (YCM) reported: The problem of crime among youth has become a significant problem. Many young people commit offenses. Many young offenders are even repeat offenders. This is a serious problem because the offenders are causing incalculable harm to their victims and they will be the adult criminals of tomorrow. Most are parents and their behavior will affect their children. Delinquency is a complex problem because it manifests itself in different ways and because it is the result of the interaction of multiple personal and social factors. Delinquency is perceived differently by the experience of the observer. For parents, it takes the form of rudeness, of incorrigibility, flights home, running away from drug use. At school, it is manifested by conduct disorder in the classroom and disrespect for teachers, fights, flights and lots of vandalism. Media, crime is reduced violent crime, inter ethnic incidents and gang fights. For the police, judiciary and professional assistance, delinquency is made of Criminal Code offenses, assaults and thefts, and violations of civil laws on driving, on attendance at licensed premises, etc.


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