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Thursday, 2 February 2012

Government roll in Youth Career Management

Youth Career Management recommendations about youth employment that: The government should takes measures to ensure that young people go to school and find work.. The policy of the Youth Career Management to youth unemployment has 2 characteristics: (1) Prevention. The Youth Career Management wants to prevent a large group of young people through the crisis comes home to sit, for example by encouraging them longer to learn. Supply and demand more closely into line job plans are established and there is a matching offensive started. (2) Stimulation of long-term unemployed young people. The Youth Career Management encourages long-term unemployed young people and youth at risk (such as early school leavers) to work, learning or both. Thus, young people under 27 years without eligibility for assistance. The municipality offers them a job offer and learn first offer. The YouthCareer Management has taken measures to youth unemployment. These are, among other: (a) Action Plan youth; (b) the Act to invest in young people; (c) more and longer-term contracts (d) Small jobs scheme.


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