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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Importance of Youth Career Management for young Drug Addicts

Youth Career Management (YCM) reports that: Many young people are victims of impoverishment and social marginalization, lack of employment, an education that meets the requirements of the life, drug trafficking, guerrillas, gangs, prostitution, alcoholism, sexual abuse. Many young people live lulled by the propaganda of the media and by cultural impositions and the immediate pragmatism have created new problems in effective restraint of adolescents and youth.

This new vision of the world today, who wants to impose the rule of "I am for what I have" to have power, knowledge, aspirations, progress, are dimensions of a person, but being a person transcends all this, as this is relative and the men and women tend to all. Sometimes we believe that greed refers only to money, having things, but there are many hearts desires for sex stores, admiration, prestige, being older, being better than the other or another, have knowledge, who prefer . This is creating in us and us a competitive world of consumer dissatisfaction, immorality and corruption.

The youth of today should pause and reflect. Adopt a more aggressive and they are made using as alienated objects and fashions, cheap consumer advertising, that manipulate and create artificial needs, if not balanced decide what is best for him or her. Today's youth can not and must be a bird in a cage without effort, without illusions, no expectations, you have to spread their wings and fly, in a clear sky and full of hope.

Youth have the right to a better society:

The youth stage is loaded with vital questions and presents the challenge of having a life plan, staff and community. A project that gives meaning to their lives, who did not drop into an existential value, but allows fully achieve personal fulfillment. Youth questioned everything has a spirit of risk, courage and creativity to respond to changes and demands of the world you live.

It is very sensitive to social problems and demands authenticity and veracity. Rejects a society overrun by rebel hypocrisy and anti-values. But with feelings of pain, we say that our current society is far from the society in which they are entitled to live it and the young of today. Today, many young people who are victims of Impoverishment and social marginalization product of great social injustice. A rejection of their behavior, motivated perhaps by the psychological trauma of being sons and daughters cynical, pampered, spoiled, of divorced parents in a household where no dialogue, understand, love ...

    An education system that is unresponsive to their concerns and meet your expectations.

    A state that does not provide stability, security and encouragement for the future, with low wages, no chance to practice their profession or trade.

   Our Youth have the right to live in another society where:

The Family: play its true role and she loves to be corrected, is dialogue. They learn the true values. Where there is a meeting place, search for solutions, not conflict, to live in harmony, fidelity, love, tolerance and understanding.

The State: assume their role and provide an education based on the code states rights to protect children, and adolescents who says: "Every child (ren) and adolescents have the right to education, aimed at developing healthy his person, so that they can prepare to fully exercise their rights as citizens and therefore must have: Equality, Primary, Free Access to Public Schools."

In addition, the state must give youth opportunities that can be done professionally. You must create a climate in which young people can acquire a critical sense of life in the practice of justice, democracy, peace, social equality and personal safety have to live without violence, no drugs and prostitution .. ...

The Company: that gives young people the opportunity to be men and women responsible, creative, participatory structures active in cultural, political, educational, and family to be protagonists of their own present and future exercise its rights and duties.

In short, today's young people are entitled to a society that can really live and develop with dignity as they are: Sons and Daughters of God.

Duties of Youth

For young people as people are made at all levels, need to grow and develop, not stagnant. There are several areas in which, as individuals, have to grow to achieve a comprehensive and harmonious development. Among these are:

Area Human Maturity: That is, be able to adapt his own life what it is, what you have. To know and feel worthy of the place and people he has played live. And to have relationships with others, harmonious, kind, polite. Start a sincere search for truth, freedom and a taste for authentic values. Go to create a critical assessment to events, with balance and fairness. Manage to have a spirit of dialogue of understanding, commitment, drive you to family responsibilities, social, political and work for peace and justice. Feeling the need to prepare, intellectually and spiritually; stop the desire to excel, to be somebody and something. Appreciate and value your home and everything she is and does.

Area Intellectual in which it has a duty to: take advantage of the opportunities offered by the family or the state to study and take responsibility for their studies with perseverance and love. Aim to achieve a trade or profession to have any benefit for themselves, family and state. Also be disseminators of knowledge to others (as) to learn, train and useful. Always have an interest to continue upgrading their education and receive training every day, remembering that you can always learn something, no matter the age

Monday, 30 January 2012

Youth is a milestone in the development of the human being. Our society must allow the majority of young people growing up in a favorable context, to fit properly and to find an answer to their needs. For the majority of them are with their parents, their families and their living environments, the resources necessary to ensure their health, safety, welfare and development. However this is not the case for all young people in whom we find the majority of problems including:

The changing demographics of the family level: affects both society as a whole and children in particular. Les factors that affect the family unit are: the economy, war, natural disasters, disease, physical abuse, divorce ...

Child Abuse: to be demonstrated by the negligence, physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional harassment, and all other forms of ill treatment to a minor child by a person responsible for his care.

The poverty that affects health, nutrition, employment, literacy, housing, health and safety of children. This is the economic and social problem not yet solved in the world today.

Psychological disorders: experienced by young adults, which include depression and suicide. Symptoms of depression in adolescents often occur by sadness, feelings of isolation, loss of appetite, hopelessness, apathy, withdrawal into oneself, crying and insomnia .

Depression: which factors are: a history of depression within the family, stress, smoking, the death of a parent or a loved one, a broken relationship, a behavioral disorder or learning to draw attention, chronic illness, an abuse or neglect or other trauma such as surviving a natural disaster.

Suicide: Among the causes are economic difficulties, social isolation, hopelessness, alcohol, drug use, stress, life crises and the breakdown of the family, including divorce .

Sexual activity: the teen pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, AIDS are issues that affect young people around the world.

Alcohol: Mortality factor in people.

Violence: Including the use of arms. Poverty and lack of employment opportunities are often the impetus for violent behavior.

Monday, 23 January 2012

The major problem of the youth is the directionless education provided by our educational institutions. It is a common practice among our youth to have graduation and then start their professional learning. The concept of Youth Career Management is different. Youth Career Management believes that youth must have knowledge of  professional expertise before stating their professional career. Youth must know what they are capable of.

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